Tax Preparation Accounting Brampton

Savvy tax returns bottom line to be savvier about which deductions work in your favor to reduce your federal and provincial tax liability and get bigger refund. If you find another tax software online preparation method or another tax preparer in Brampton/GTA-office bound who claims to offer you a larger refund than that calculated by economical tax we will refund your tax preparation fees. To qualify, the larger refund must not be due to difference in data supplied by you or positions taken on your return that are contrary to the law.  Ram your tax return with Economical tax service Comprehensive list of what to claim if applicable from 29$ : Home buyers plan, Family tax cut, family caregiver amount, Eligible dependants, Ontario healthy homes renovation credit, Medical expenses tax credit ( Travel medical care expenses / meals & travel for couples), Pension income splitting, Children arts amount, Student tuition, Children fitness amount ( 15% refundable tax credit of a registration cost up to 1000$ ) with a Receipt, Public transit amount, Amount for children, Interest paid on students loan, Spouse or common law partner amount, Child care expenses( maximum of 8000$ ) for children under age of 7, children age 7-16 ( maximum of 5000$ ) , RRSP deduction ( If your next year income is grater then do not claim your RRSP this year) , For low income tax filers report your rent or property tax to get Ontario tax breaks. . Even the best selling tax software can not guarantee savvy tax returns due to user error ( errors not caught by the tax software’s built in error check ). Savvy tax returns will optimize your tax refund and reduce your tax stress and pain for the season. Just 15 minutes of free tax consultation could save you 15% or more on your tax refund savings.