Tax Personalization tips

We personalize your tax return as software packages can’t,
Personal tax return Students 30$, ODSP tax returns 30$ , Comprehensive tax returns from 29$ with multiple deductions if allowable with no devil in the details.

You have to file your taxes even if you don’t have income, transfer always any unused credits, claim medical expenses recommended by a doctor(self, partner and minor children), the disability tax credit is worth 1500 dollars for adult, more for a child and if your income is not high enough to take advantage you can transfer the unused credit. Children qualify for a tax credit, can qualify for childcare expenses, child fitness, art programs. For a student do not forget the interest paid on student loan, tuition T2202. Do not throw away receipts for bus passes you  can potentially claim 15 dollars in refund when you spend 100 dollars monthly of transit passes, be sure to report all T-slips, use home buyers amount as 5000 tax credits are worth 750 dollars in your pocket, claim 15% credit on 1st 200 dollar donations and 29% on donations more than 200 dollars.  Each summer Canada revenue agency calculate benefits based on tax returns submitted those benefits are GST, , Child tax credits, Ontario trillium benefits, Guaranteed income supplement, & Provincial assistance programs, so if you procrastinate to file until later in the year you are at risk of being cut off from your benefits, thus avoid this mistake.
Know the limits of using tax software or online tax filing programs and consulting tax pro may be helpful.
No stone is left unturned in your tax return in order to secure all possible deductions you deserve because you worked hard for your money and you deserve what belongs to you,all these tax tips would qualify you for bigger tax return